Welcome to Bear Creek Log Homes, Inc.

There's something special about a log home...
The secure feeling that emanates from the solid log beams overhead or the warm glow from the fireplace as it highlights the natural beauty of the walls. Maybe it's the sense of continuing a time-honored tradition, holiday memories & fabulous getaway vacations immersed in country tranquility.

Bear Creek Log Homes Inc., is one of the nations premier log home manufacturers and builders. Established in 1980, Bear Creek has over 25 years of experience ensuring that your home is of the highest quality and manufactured to the most exacting tolerances. We build log homes for your lifestyle and needs.

Offering distinct log styles:

  • Milled Logs with full overlap saddle notch corners 7"-11"
  • Full Scribe, Hand Peeled Logs for a more rustic look
  • Chink Style Hand Peeled Logs
  • Dovetailed Logs

Our log packages are designed to settle naturally while maintaining their structural integrity.

Are you ready for your Dream Home?



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